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Check out some our new arrivals! We are offering curbside pickup and 25% off! DM us for deets!

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NEW SNEAKS! They are SUPER comfy! Great walking shoes!

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It's always time for a new dress!

25% off!! Curbside pickup!!

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Thank you to all who have served and to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

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We ❤ ⭐!! New summer sweaters from Fate! 25% off. Curbside pickup picks back up on Tuesday! DM us for details.

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Saturday is graphic tee day!

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Check out our IG Story today to see new arrivals! DM us with questions! We are offering curbside pickup! Oh, and this star deess is new too!!

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It's 50° in Chicago and we're like "short season!". True story. DM us for #curbsidepickup

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Happy Mother's Day! Take some time to celebrate MOM!❤

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Thank you for your support!❤

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We'll be going LIVE on Monday showing you new arrivals!
DM us with any requests of what you'd LOVE to see ( i.e. dresess, jackets, bags, shoes, etc.)!

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